Thank you for visiting VETS2.CLOUD, a Cloud Co-Op Apprenticeship program helping Veterans enter the workforce as Salesforce Business Consultants. Over the course of 2-3 years we mentor and coach Veterans in three distinctive areas to help with their transitions in the areas of: Business Structure, Salesforce Consulting and Wellness. Learn more about these services on the menu pages.

It is our goal to service the Veterans and the local communities where they live by providing real world working engagements along with senior level certified consultants to mentor and coach along the way. Veterans and members of Cloud Co-Op participate in weekly coaching seasons covering many topics to strengthen their skills and business knowledge.

It is always nice to talk about what we do but more importantly it is how we do it that means the most to us. We start by being a service to the transitioning Veteran as a person. We invest in them as individuals knowing the challenges a military person faces when trying to enter into the civilian community and workforce.

There are a few ways to enter our Veterans Apprenticeship program. Transitioning military members or spouses can start by working with some of the following organizations to which provide assistance in certification and career assessment. Cloud Co-Op is a continuation of these organizations beyond the classrooms, offering employment as business consultants and the option of business ownership. Please see the following page for a list of these organizations.



Focused on helping the Veterans obtain individual goals that promote their personal well-being, we cover the following topics: Personal Values, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence along with personal life coaching and resources for PTSD, (even homelessness, for example.) We want our Veterans to be mindful community leaders and cloud consultants that give back.


Learn the different departments within a business, how they are organized and what each role plays within a department. Gain knowledge of starting a business, how to incorporate, start personal and business branding using social media applications. Learn to be more aware of themselves as business owners in their local community and become a Pledge 1% partner.


We specialize in helping individuals become Certified Salesforce Business Consultants. Start now and learn which path you want to take. Do you want to be an Administrator, Developer or Architect? Do you want to own your own business as a System Integrator (SI), Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) provider within the Salesforce eco-system.

More about Cloud Co-Op

Cloud Co-Op is a national Salesforce Consulting partner based in Austin, Texas. As a certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, our strategy is simple. First, service the emerging and Small Business Owners where there are Veterans already residing, helping the veterans become mindful community leaders and cloud consultants. Second, support Federal and Government initiatives where we fit in as a combined larger organization across the United States. Additionally, we are capable of servicing Enterprise clients through our growing relationships or when their mission aligns with supporting transitioning Veterans into the workforce.
Cloud Co-Op provides specialty services in Governance, Adoption and Change Management along with advanced development and solution design customization’s for companies moving into or growing business processes using

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