How is business different than a military organization? You have a chain of command and people you report to in both cases so what makes a transition difficult into the private sector?

As part of our apprenticeship program we will cover diverse topics as we explore the formation of a business, key roles within each business department, and how business units work together. As Veterans, we understand co-operation and taking orders; we understand structure and know simple ways-to-get-things-done. We are more than resourceful. In the VETS2CLOUD apprenticeship program, we know the Veteran is more than just another person in a cubicle. Based on their level of service to the country, which generally starts at an early age and their ability to adapt and overcome strenuous situations, we believe the Veteran, you, are an excellent candidate to be an entrepreneur.

We want to support and encourage your desire to do more, and you need to understand the risk as well as the reward. It is our goal to transform the W-2 or 1099 Veteran into a Business Owner. Some of this starts within the WELLNESS YOU engagement we provide and continues as you move into Business orientation. With our CEO's 19+ years of business knowledge, 2 IPO's, numerous Mergers & Acquisitions, 5 Application Designs and a support team of similarly seasoned professionals our goal is to help you become a successful business entrepreneur. We will share information in the following areas:

- Resources to write a business plan
- What type of businesses are there
- What are the costs to start and run a business
- What is my strategy

- What Departments make up a company
- Who lives inside each department
- How do these departments work together

- What applications do I start with and why
- How do I grow and brand my business
- How to get others to help

Our apprenticeship program is designed to help you gain valuable business experience that you can leverage to form your own consulting practice within the CLOUD CO-OP family. We specifically address a proven market space, the's eco-system. You have the opportunity to work on real time projects and discover your career path as a consultant or business owner.

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