David S. Franklin

I started my military career prior to entering my senior year of high school (John F. Hodge, St. James, Mo). I enjoyed 8 years in the Navy as a Radioman. I didn't have the assistance during my transition which is available today. That would have been amazing. There are many great organizations helping now. I've transitioned without it, I know first hand how difficult it can be. I entered the military with what is described as complex PTSD and my tours only supported the behavior and shielded me for many years. I was living my life on auto-pilot. Since then, I've worked through corporate roles from Service to Sales to Marketing over 19 years. I found areas to excel in the military and in those corporate positions. I've experienced great highs and extreme lows during those same time frames and now I am here to help others succeed.

It is now, with my military and corporate experience, that I return my service to the community from which I was given my start. I often wonder how many Veterans entered the military as I did or lived without knowing important values or behaviors that impacted them for too long. Having a new understanding and finding a purpose to serve my fellow Veterans, I created VETS2CLOUD and CLOUD CO-OP. I believe Veterans need more than training and more than an opportunity to work in a corporate role, they need real work experience with mentoring and coaching that allows them to become consulting professionals or business owners. Most importantly, as I have learned, we can address their personal needs so they experience the freedom to move forward.

Many people, specifically non-Veterans have joined my cause to support the Veterans transition. I don't stand alone and I am very grateful for their service and commitment to Cloud Co-Op. As we grow and partner with other organizations and source work for the Veterans, I want to thank these companies in advance for working with us.

USN 7/1988-4/1996

Naval Recruit Center, Radiomen A School, Advance Surface Communications - San Diego
USS La Salle (AGF-3), Bahrain - The Great White Ghost of the Arabian Coast - 1st Navy Achievement Medal, early advancement.
Naval Facility Bermuda - Surface/Sub-Surface Communications
Naval Ocean Processing Facility Dam Neck, Va - 2nd Navy Achievement Medal, Shore Sailor of the Year Nomination

Corporate Leadership Experience 4/1996 - current

Davox Corporation, Field Application Engineer (SQL/Unix) - Westford, Ma/Virginia Beach, Va.

Northrup Grumman, Sr. Field Engineer, Austin, Tx.

Genband, Customer Service Manager/Technical Operations/Business Application Manager, Austin, Tx.
* my first implementation of Salesforce (CRM and Self-Service Portal)
* Started Salesforce User Group Austin
* 1st 500 Certified on Salesforce
* AppExchange Customer Advisory Board

Moody Bible Institute, Biblical Studies

Rackspace, Sales Operations Salesforce Administrator, Austin/San Antonio, Tx. (IPO)

Solarwinds, Marketing Operations, Austin, Tx. (IPO)

Dante Consulting, Salesforce Solution Architect, Arlington, Va.

Cross Systems Consulting, Salesforce ISV, Founder/CEO, Austin, Tx. 
* 2 Healthcare Applications (patent pending)
* Create first ISV AppExchange App

Ventas Consulting, Managing Partner, Austin, Tx.
* Started Salesforce Mexico City User Group
* Started Salesforce Government Sector User Group
* Started Salesforce Texas Public Sector User Group

Cloud Co-Op, Salesforce SI/ISV, Found/CEO, Austin, Tx.
* Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
* Created 2nd and 3rd AppExchange ISV Apps
* .Cloud Pioneer 

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